My Awesome Top 9 Job Interview Suggestions And Tips

My Awesome Top 9 Job Interview Suggestions And Tips

Been off the radar for a few days, mostly prepping for an interview that I had this morning.

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I hate interviews. Well, to be more precise, I dread the thought of them. Usually once I settle in and get used to the idea it becomes easier. It’s the days leading up to the event and the pause in the waiting room that get to me. I’m sure many people feel the same trepidation but, with me, it’s definitely enhanced by my dislike of not being in control of situations.

To make things easier, I tend to do quite a lot of preparation. I thought I’d write down my top tips for getting yourself into the best position before the day. Hopefully it’s of some help to someone. It certainly will be for me next time around.

  • Do your research. With a wealth of information available online, it’s never been easier to find out about a company and the roles within it. For an internal position, speak to people already in the role. Find out what they do and ask them what kind of questions came up at their interview.
  • Look sharp. A new suit and a haircut are sound investments. As is remembering to polish your shoes. Dress like you have the job already is a great idea to keep in mind. If the interviewer can visualise you in the role, you’re off to a great start.
  • Arrive early. Give yourself 10 minutes or so to use the bathroom mirror to check you still look the part after your journey. Turning up late would, more than likely, be an instant fail.
  • Project confidence. A firm hanshake (or elbow these days) and a smile set the tone and start to establish rapport. Speak clearly in a confident manner, even if you feel a bit shaky inside.
  • Listen carefully. Note the detail in the questions or scenarios they present you with. Face the speaker, if there’s more than one person present, lean forward slightly and maintain eye contact. Don’t interrupt questions that require clarification, wait till they finish speaking.
  • Use specific examples. Instead of just listing your qualities and achievements, elaborate on the detail and results of particular events when you utilised your skills. Explain the evidence that proves you have what they’re looking for.
  • Ask questions. If they offer the opportunity for you to do so, and they usually do, have one or two we’ll thought out ideas prepared. I often ask questions about how they see the role developing or what their experience of the company has been.
  • Finish well. Enquire as to the next steps, if they haven’t told you, and thank them for the opportunity to meet.
  • Follow up. It never hurts to send an email thanking them for their time and offering to provide any further information, references, etc.

The bottom line, I feel, is that the more preparation you do, the easier the whole experience will be.

I found this list useful to formulate answers for many of the common questions.

So now the wait to find out the result begins. I’ll probably distract myself with some alternative work whilst keeping my fingers crossed.

EDIT: 11/05/21

Boom! Got the job!

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