Las Vegas Guide

Las Vegas Guide

Lovely Las Vegas!

I love Las Vegas! Have I mentioned that before? If you know me, you’ll be fully aware of how obsessed I am with the place. The lights, the energy, the food… there’s so much to do and I’ll never understand people that go for 3 days and say they’ve done it all.

I thought it might be a good idea to put together a guide to my favourite places and things to do. Now, I understand that there’s a million different sites, blogs and vlogs on the subject but the majority of them just recycle the same information and recommend the same “cool” places.

So, why is mine different?

I’ve aimed it at me… well, people like me. If you want to gamble but are a bit of a low roller, like a drink but not always a $30 cocktail, love good food but don’t necessarily want to pay for a celebrity chef then this is the place for you. These are a list of my favourites, places I’ve genuinely checked out and love to recommend.

Simply click on the links below and, if you think there’s something I should include, let me know at the bottom of the page and I’ll be sure to check it out.

My Top Recommendations

The “How To” Guides

Top Ten Values in Las Vegas

This is, as it says, a pound for pound (or pound for dollar) ranking of the best value deals in Las Vegas taking into account the quality you get for the price. I can personally vouch for 7 out of 10 of them.

1Room RatesWild Wild West$52
2Steak DinnerEllis Island$9.99
3BuffetSouth Point$10.99
4BudweiserStage Door$1
5iLuminateThe Strat$43
6Hot DogSouth Point$1.50
8Shrimp CocktailFremont Casino$0.99
9LunchOcean One$4.99
10Prime RibDowntown Grand$9.99
Data Courtesy of Las Vegas Advisor – Updated July 2022

Vegas Vloggers

Recent years have seen a proliferation of Vloggers exploring every inch of Las Vegas and reporting the details, both good and bad. I love watching these vlogs, especially those that stray away from the usual tourist trail, stay at less ‘trendy’ resorts and drink in dive bars instead of presenting another overenthusiastic review of Mon Ami Gabi or a walk round of their ‘upgraded’ penthouse room at The Venetian… in reality, comped by the resort as the blogger has a bunch of followers. I also like the ones who are honest enough to give bad reviews, when deserved, as well as highlighting the great stuff.

Below is a selection of my current favourite Vegas vloggers. Have a look, give them a like, subscribe, get notified, etc., you know what to do!

Have I missed something?

Is there a bar, restaurant, attraction or tip that you love that I’ve left out?

Let me know by filling in the form below and I’ll do my best to check it out and add it to the page. Cheers!