A Chat With Dwayne Muffin, The Ibiza YouTuber

A Chat With Dwayne Muffin, The Ibiza YouTuber

Those of you that know me will probably be aware that I used to live in Ibiza. Or should that be on Ibiza? I’m never quite sure. I was there for the best part of 2 decades and was fortunate enough to experience the island’s halcyon days.

I was also blessed with having met literally thousands of amazing people during my time there. Many lived on the island, some still do and others were the tourists that flock to the sun every Summer.

Amongst them all was a daft wee boy called Dwayne, but his pals called him Muffin.


I first encountered Muffin when he fell into, and out of, my bar. He was with a group of his friends from Ireland and the we’re living their best life on holiday as any group of lads in Ibiza for the first time would.

Then, in 2010, he decided to come over for the season and work. In all honesty, most people thought he’d be lucky to last a couple of weeks in San Antonio. He’s still there.

From his first job trying to pull punters into the Sports Cafe on the famous West End strip right up to his current endeavour as a social media guru and prolific YouTube, he’s given us a million laughs and his videos are always entertaining.

His enthusiasm for the island, it’s people and life itself are what makes the content of his offerings compulsive viewing. They’re not stock shots of bust nightclubs and packed beaches. There’s caves, characters, local businesses and alpacas. His videos are, to use an often overused word, random. It’s just an affable lad going about his daily life.

I’d highly recommend viewing his channel here.

Anyway, I saw that he’d been interviewed for a website and thought it would be interesting to share his story. That led to me thinking that I should interview him… I have some great questions.

I’ll try to get that arranged and maybe you’ll find out why he’s called Muffin… and more.

If you feel the need for an Ibiza soundtrack whilst reading, check out this post.

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  1. I’d love to read an interview between you both!

    Muffin is a great guy and was very much a part of my Ibiza experience. Happy days!

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