Have You Got Odd Balls?

Have You Got Odd Balls?

Good morning. A “short” post today as I’ve 3 long shifts back to back at work starting today. The good news is that, once completed, I’ve the first socialising weekend in over a year to look forward to. Then I start my new job. More on both of those to follow!

Occasionally you discover a company designing and selling a truly great product. Sometimes you encounter a brand with a really good advertising campaign. Rarely do you find a retailer that not only donates a percentage of their earnings to charity, but also campaigns strongly to improve peoples health.

And, rarest of all, is a merchandiser who does all of the above.

I think I’ve found one.


As many men (and women) will attest, pulling a good pair of pants is the perfect start to the day. There’s nothing worse than having to readjust yourself countless times throughout the day. Equally annoying is finding a pair that fit perfectly when new but quickly dissolve into a baggy mess after a few washes.

I know, I know, it’s very “First-World problem” territory here but the struggle is real!

I stumbled across an advert for Oddballs one day and was immediately drawn in by the crazy patterns. A pair were ordered and, in all honesty, they were the best pants I’d ever worn.

I won’t bore you with the technical details but they fit just right and remain that way forever… well, over a year so far.

Checking the company out online, I started to discover what great things they do. Aside from donating money to several charities, they aggresively promote the very important need for men to “have a look downstairs” on a regular basis to combat testicular cancer.

By the way, if you dont know how, check this out.

I was so impressed that I set up a subscription and get socks and pants delivered every month! I love the feel and fit of all the items, but that’s not all. Pulling on such vibrant designs under sober work clothes just feels that wee bit rebellious!

You can find out more about Oddballs here:

Website: myoddballs.com Twitter: Oddballs Instagram: Oddballs

Full disclosure: Unlike many other blogs, I’ve no affiliation with this company. I don’t receive any financial reward for recommending them. If in the future I do, it will be clearly pointed out.

I simply enjoy sharing information about good people doing good things. Have a great day!

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