There’s A Bad Moon On The Rise

There’s A Bad Moon On The Rise

The moon rising over Las Vegas Valley

I came across this photograph whilst looking for some content for my Las Vegas Guide page and was blown away by the image. So much so that I decided to use it, or at least part of it, as the header image for this blog.

The vast majority of Las Vegas at night photographs returned by search engines focus on The Strip and the neon-clad mega resorts that populate it. And rightly so, the area surely is one of the most photogenic man-made sites on earth. Downtown has always played the poor relation, at least in the travel brochures, since Las Vegas Boulevard South exploded into the 1980’s, building incessantly upwards and outwards.

Looking beyond both of these illuminated areas, Las Vegas city lies in a valley surrounded by mountains rising up to 2500 metres from the desert floor and, at night, is mostly dark except for street lights. Sunset is a great time to view the area from the edge of the valley, on the big wheel or even from a helicopter as the natural light fades and the neon is ramped up to its full eye-watering brilliance.

The photograph above captures that moment as the dying natural light frames the light from both downtown and the moon. One could be a reflection of the other. There’s also the wonderful contrast between the innate calm and stillness of the image and the reality of the energy and excitement going on right at the heart of it. That remains unseen to the casual observer and adds an extra layer to those who’ve been there.

If you have a car, head west to the junction of the 215 where it meets Summerlin Parkway for sunrise (or moonrise). Its the ideal spot to view the whole valley waking up and is only a 20 minute drive away from most places.

Fun fact: The Strip isn’t actually in Las Vegas, it’s in an unincorporated towns of Paradise and Winchester, Clark County… but that doesn’t sell souveniers!

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