A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

I love photographs. I love the way they capture a moment in time without the context of what happened in the time either side. That fraction of a second, in this busy world, is frozen in time forever and the format is standing the test of time despite advances in video, virtual and augmented reality.

The photo below is epic and is one of my favourites. The detail of the moon’s surface and the contrasting blackness of the space beyond are reflected perfectly in the visor of the helmet… along with the photographer. Neil Armstrong will be remembered forever from that grainy footage as he stepped into a new world. However, due to him being the first on the surface, he was given the camera and took this image of Buzz Aldrin which has immortalised his place in the mission.

Spare a thought for the 3rd member of the team who was selected to remain on the orbiter… rarely has there been a better example of “so near and yet so far”. In case it ever comes up as the last question on a quiz show you’re about to win, his name was Michael Collins. You’re welcome.

Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface, July 20, 1969

I’m aiming to get some of my favourite , inspiring and thought provoking photos into this blog, alongside some random ones that I’ve taken myself! Let’s see how that goes!

Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve a favourite photo, especially if it’s one I’ve never seen before or one that tells a whole story in just a single frame.

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